Hasta Luego San Francisco

Costa Rica beckoned as San Francisco bid adieu (sorry Dana I know I´m not meant to use that phrase). Our frantic life in San Francisco seems a far cry from our life in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, filled mainly with walks on the beach, reading, snacking and laying by the pool. Just what we were looking for before starting the Big Trip. However after the third day of “relaxation” I am starting to actually feel bored and my emersion into this lifestyle is actually taking longer than I thought. There is only so much sitting around I can do. Yesterday however I did try a spot of surfing, which abruptly ended when I rediscovered my fear of being attached to a large “plank” while being bashed by the waves. Justin suggested I practice my duck diving for the afternoon, which I have now successfully mastered! Surfing take two coming up this afternoon!

Kristian and Fay´s house, Casa Escondida, is picture perfect, providing luxurious accomodations which is contributing to our desire to just lay around all day. It´s a viscious circle! The food here is surprisingly  delicious. A smorgasbord of local Costa Rican cuisine and other international foods, primarily Argentinian. This small beachside town is steadily growing as more gringo´s arrive to stake their claim on the well appointed land. However the buildings and houses seem to blend in well with the enviroment unlike the over commercialized Tamarindo further North. The town also attracts celebs. There are rumours that Mel Gibson is out and about, trying to learn how to surf. That would be some good site seeing! Justin and I also bumped into Giselle and Tom Brady´s kid in the super market the other day.  Now if I could only see Tom Brady then it would be fair! Last night we went up to Kristian and Fay´s friends house for dinner, which is located on top of a Cliff overlooking the ocean. This house was ridiculous. Infinity pool, hot tub inside which fed into the infinity pool, chandaliers, top of the line kitchen, I could go on. Apparently some English celebs stayed there and actually bought magazines to show the property managers who they were. Too funny!

The nightlife here is minimal and to be honest we proberly don´t want to drink too much anyway with the humidity. Last night I had three drinks and I felt like I´d been on a rager this morning. Urgh!

The Spanish is…well…urghh…let´s just say we´re working on it. When we arrived in Costa Rica, Suntosh (Justin´s friend who came to Costa Rica with us) started conversing away with the driver and guide and I realized how little Spanish I knew. I was busy, what can I say? I´m working the basics right now and hate it when I get a blank expression back as if I´m saying something alien. Baby steps! Speaking about Spanish…this brings  me to our first vote….Should Justin and I break up? Last night at dinner we were talking about our time in Barriloche and Lori (Kristian and Fay´s friend) said that if we live together at the Homestay we will not learn Spanish as quickly as we hoped. So should we break up and live in separate houses? To vote go to this link

. We´ll be checking back next Tuesday to find out the answer.


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